Results, Events and News page for 2019 Season

Dates for your diary during closed season
Date Event
Sunday 27th October 2019 10:00 End of Season closure. Done by 7 Members – Thank you.
Thursday 31 October 2019 09:30 Committee Meeting at Noel’s
Thursdays 7 November 2019 – 26th Mar 2020 09:00 onwards Volunteers for Winter Working Parties
Thursday 21st November 2019 10:30-12:30 Coffee Morning at Norfolk Lavender
Thursday 6th February 2020 10:30-12:30 Coffee Morning at Norfolk Lavender
Treasurer for Chairman 23/10/2019 updated 27/10/2019

The AGM was held on Saturday 26th October 2019 at 11am in the Club House.  It was attended by 28 Members.
President’s Opening Remarks.
1. Apologies for absence were received from 18 Members.
2. The Minutes of the AGM of 27th October 2018 were confirmed.
3. Chairman provided an aural report. 4. The Accounts and the Report of the Treasurer were received and agreed.
5. The Rates of Subscription for 2020 were agreed @ £80.00 for Full Membership, other rates unchanged.
6. (a) The following Officers of the Club were elected: Chairman: Janet Kendal, Secretary: Vacant (to be filled by co-opting during the year)
Treasurer: David Boxell.
6. (b) The following Committee Members were elected: David Brame, Pat Dawson, Anne Gill, Noel Gill & Gwenda Mackenzie.
7. Carole Ward was approved as the Clubs scrutineer for 2020.
8. There was no other business.
9. Simon Carter was appointed as the new Club President.
10. A vote of thanks was given to the outgoing President and Chairman.
11. A welcome was given to the incoming Chairman and President.
The meeting was closed at 11:30.
Treasurer for Secretary as at 26/10/2019

AGM Notification Information and AGM Agenda
You can download the following files in .pdf format:

2019 – Annual General Meeting Notification

Committee: In accordance with the Constitution the following Members have been duly nominated to serve as members of the Management Committee for 2020:-

Chairman: Janet Kendal:
Proposed by: Terry Loades & Seconded by: June Critcher

Secretary:  Vacant not filled

Treasurer: David Boxell:
Proposed by: Faith Harman & Seconded by: Chris Herbert

Pat Dawson:
Proposed by: Gwenda Mackenzie & Seconded by: Sarah Brame

Noel Gill:
Proposed by: Anne Gill & Seconded by: Janet Kendal

Gwenda Mackenzie:
Proposed by: Sarah Brame & Seconded by: David Brame

Anne Gill:
Proposed by: Noel Gill & Seconded by: Janet Kendal

David Brame:
Proposed by: Sarah Brame & Seconded by: Gwenda MacKenzie

Amendments: No amendments from members have been received by the due date.

Minutes: Copies of the 2018 AGM minutes are available upon written request to the Club Secretary.

Sarah Brame, Secretary – 12th October 2019

Croquet Club Annual Lunch – Wednesday 9 October 2019 – Le strange Arms Hotel
27 Members attended the annual lunch and presentation of trophies.
Our thanks to Pat Dawson and her team for organising this annual event.
Tournament Winners 2019 Photo by Gwenda Mackenzie Apologies – File provided too small to display


A full list of the 2019 Season  CA Tournaments and Club Competition Winners are given below.

20 – AALB – AC – Albert THE ALBERT TROPHY Not Contested
21 – ABUT – AC – Butlin THE BUTLIN BOWL Not Contested
22 – CARP – AC – Robert Prichard – 4-6 May 2019 FERMOY CUP MARK AVERY
23 – CAGA – GC – A Level Singles (LP) – 25-26 May 2019 HUNSTANTON A-LEVEL SERIES – SALVER SIMON CARTER
24 – CA50 – Over Fifties – 7-9 June 2019 JANE NEVILLE ROLFE TROPHY JOHN HENDERSON
26 – GSNG – GC – Club Singles Champions (LP) – 13 June 2019 GOLF SINGLES SALVER JOHN REDDISH
29 – GGSS – GC – Green Shutters Singles (HC) – 4 July 2019 >> 8 August 2019 >> 5 September GREEN SHUTTERS SINGLES SALVER SUSAN BOXELL
31 – GGSD – GC – Green Shutters Doubles (HC) – 25 July 2019 => 1 Aug 2019 GREEN SHUTTERS DOUBLES – SALVER CHRISTINE THIRTLE-WATTS
31 – GGSD – GC – Green Shutters Doubles (HC) – 25 July 2019 => 1 Aug 2019 GREEN SHUTTERS DOUBLES – SALVER SARAH BRAME
34 – GDBL – GC – Club Doubles Champions (LP) – 22 August 2019 DOUBLES – STOREY SALVER DAVID BOXELL
34 – GDBL – GC – Club Doubles Champions (LP) – 22 August 2019 DOUBLES – WOOD SALVER JOHN HARPER
35 – CA4D – AC – 120th Annual – 24-27 August 2019 CHALLENGE CUP (A BLOCK) NICK HARRIS
35 – CA4D – AC – 120th Annual – 24-27 August 2019 CHALLENGE BOWL (B BLOCK) CHARLES OSTLER
35 – CA4D – AC – 120th Annual – 24-27 August 2019 SILVER BOWL (C BLOCK) KLIM SEABRIGHT
35 – CA4D – AC – 120th Annual – 24-27 August 2019 PERBERDY LEE TROPHY (D BLOCK) JANE COLLIER
35 – CA4D – AC – 120th Annual – 24-27 August 2019 TOURNAMENT CHALLENGE CUP (EGYPTIAN) KLIM SEABRIGHT
35 – CA4D – AC – 120th Annual – 24-27 August 2019 ROTHWELL (EGYPTIAN RUNNER-UP) NICK HARRIS
36 – GCRP – GC – Carpenter Cup Singles (HC) – 12 September 2019 CARPENTER CUP ROGER PLATT
37 – GKEN – GC – Kendal Cup Singles (LP) – 28 September 2019 >> 17 September 2019 KENDAL CUP PAULINE DONNER
38 – GLAD – GC – Ladder (HC) – 2018 Season FRIDAY LEAGUE WOODEN SHIELD Not Contested
43 – VSHL – Veterans Singles Handicap League – June, July & August & Sept 2019 VETERANS SINGLES HANDICAP LEAGUE SU DEBENHAM
Treasurer 14/10/2019

GGSS – GC – Green Shutters Singles – Handicap – Sunday 29 September 2019
Susan Boxell winner of the Green Shutters Singles being presented with the trophy by David Boxell Photo by: Anne Gill
Congratulations to all who took part in a very tightly contested tournament.  Many games went to the 13th or ‘Golden Hoop’.  The weather was not as severe as forecast, but did turn to driving rain during the last two critical games.  Three players finished on 4 wins each and were only separated by hoop difference: Susan Boxell +9, Noelene Wood-Davies +8 and Janet Kendal on -2.
Treasurer: 29/09/2019

Veterans Singles Handicap League 2019

Congratulations to Sue Debenham on winning the inaugural Veterans Singles Handicap League.  It was a close run affair with ties for 1st, 3rd & 7th place all being decided on countback of Wins, Nett Hoops, and Who beat Whom.
The overall results for each of the 10 players in this all-play-all format played over 3 months with 3 rounds on each of the 3 selected mornings are as follows:
Places Player Notes
1 SUE DEBENHAM (8) Winner – 7 Wins + 22 Hoops
2 IAN WILSON (12) Runner-Up – 7 Wins +6 Hoops
3 PAT DAWSON (7) 3rd   – 6 Wins +12 Hoops & Beat Pat Baillie
4 PAT BAILLIE (8) 4th   – 6 Wins +12 Hoops & Lost to Pat Dawson
5 PAM REYNOLDS (11) 5th – 5 Wins +13 Hoops
6 BRYAN MONTGOMERY (10) 6th – 5 Wins -2 Hoops
7 DENNIS BUISSON (7) 7th – 3 Wins -10 Hoops & Beat Myfanwy & Mike
8 MIKE BEAMIS (14) 8th – 3 Wins -10 Hoops & Beat Myfanwy & Lost to Dennis
9 MYFANWY DUNFORD (9) 9th – 3 Wins -10 Hoops & Lost to Dennis & Mike
10 BOB NORTH (12) 10th – 0 Wins
Pat Dawson would like to thank everyone who participated in this tournament.
Treasurer 24/09/2019

CA GC C-Level Series Final – Cheltenham – Saturday 21st – Sunday 22nd September 2019

A study in concentration and angled hoop running!


The tournament went down to the wire and was only decided in the very last round and on nett hoop difference.  After 15 rounds of all-play-all, Izzy Poyntz (from Bishop Monkton) and David Brame were joint leaders on 11 wins each.  However, Izzy had a higher nett hoop count than David, who came a very creditable second.

It was a very tightly contested weekend.  David was very appreciative of the warm wishes of all at Wednesday’s club afternoon; and the small band of travelling supporters were mightily impressed with the standard of play, which was in many cases up to that of many a B-Level tournament.

The full results can be seen at: 

Congratulations to David on a very good performance.

Treasurer 23/09/2019


So far Lawns 1 & 2 have been holotyned.  Lawn 3 is likely to be done on Friday.  We can expect Lawns 4 & 5 to follow in due course.  We are informed that the lawns are usable, but you may have to play ‘treasurer hunt’ to find the hoop holes!

Treasurer 19/09/2019

GGSS – Green Shutters Singles Handicap – Sunday 29 September 2019

This is a suggested date for this rearranged competition.  Entries to date 8.  Therefore, probably an all-play-all competition.

List to be closed on Wednesday 25/09/2019 to allow the Order of Play to be prepared.

Treasurer 19/09/2019

GKEN – Kendal Cup (Singles – Level Play) – Tuesday 17 September 2019

The final was won by: Pauline Donner v David Brame (7-3).

Janet Kendal presents the Kendal Cup to Pauline Donner

The first Semi-final was contested between Pauline Donner & Chris Herbert (7-5) and the second Semi-final was played between David Brame & Su Debenham (7-5).  The 18 players had previously competed in 3 Blocks of 6.  The winner of each block and the best overall runner-up went into the knockout with semi-finals and a final.  The blocks and results are on croquet scores at:

Manager, David Boxell 17/09/2019.

Carpenter Cup (Handicap) – Thursday – 12 September 2019 – 8 Entries

Roger Platt

The Carpenter Cup took place on 12th September on a sunny late summer day. There were 8 competitors some of whom were playing in their first single tournaments. The four semi-finalists were Sarah Brame v Roger Platt and Gary Lewis v Caroline Harper. The final was between Roger and Caroline with a 7-3 win for Roger. Congratulations to Roger and well done to all those who took part.

Manager, David Brame 13/9/2019

Another full weekend of Croquet

Hunstanton hosts the CA’s The AC All-England Handicap Final 7-8 September 2019.  Their are eight players.  The Manager/Director is Hilary Smith.  The results are available on the CA’s website .

On Sunday our EACF GC Handicap team travel to Ipswich to play Maldon Pavilion in the regional semi-final of the EACF HC League.  We wish them good luck.  The results will be posted on the EACF’s website at:

Treasurer 07/09/2019


Notice is hereby given that the 2019 Annual General Meeting is scheduled to be held on

Saturday 26th October 2019 at the Club House commencing at 11am.

Proposals by Members consistent with the Club’s Constitution for consideration at the AGM should be delivered to the Secretary

by the 14th September 2019.

Sarah Brame, Club Secretary

31st August 2019

David Brame wins National  GC Grass Roots Final at Bath

Presentation of Grass Roots Trophy to David Brame at Bath 1st September 2019

Susan Boxell finished 8th out of 20.

Susan Boxell with David Brame at Bath (A creditable 8th place)

Well done to both of them.

Treasurer 01/09/2019

Green Shutters Singles Handicap – 5 September 2019 – Postponed

Regrettably, the Green Shutters on Thursday has been postponed yet again. This is due to the low number taking part, only 5. A future date has yet to be decided we will let you know as and when this will be.  Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause. Hopefully, we will get there in the end when we can gather more players!

Treasurer on Behalf of David Brame, Manager 31/08/2019

A weekend of high sporting drama at Hunstanton and Bath

The hoops were reset on Thursday to 1/32″ by a team of volunteers, to whom we are very grateful.  Club members* and regular visitors are involved in two separate events this weekend.  Follow the action on croquet scores:

Saturday 31 August and Sunday 1 September 2019 at Hunstanton* (Check A & B Blocks)

The CA’s report on the above can be found at:

Sunday 1 September 2019 at Bath* (Check B & D Blocks)

Good luck to everyone.

Treasurer 30/08/2019

CA AC 120th Annual 4 Day AC Tournament – 24-28 August 2019

There were 21 entries for this years tournament competing in the following events:

A Block – Nick Harris
B Block – Charles Ostler
C Block – Klim Seabright
D Block – Jane Collier
Egyptian – Klim Seabright
Rothwell – Nick Harris
Manager of the 120th Annual 4 Day Tournament – Martin Kolbuszewski

The trophies were presented by Hugh Carlisle, a former President of Hunstanton Croquet Club.

Detailed results are available on Croquet Scores at the link below:

Report and photos to follow after the Tournament.

Treasurer for Tournament Manager as at 27/08/2019

22 August 2019 – Golf Doubles

Golf Doubles Winners 22 August 2019 David Boxell & John Harper

Report to follow.

Treasurer on behalf of Manager 23/08/2019


Thursday 29 August 2019 – Hoop setting for the Ranelagh Doubles

Tuesday 3 September 2019 – Social – Sunny Hunny Bells 2-4 pm

Thursday 5 September 2019 – Golf Green Shutters Singles (Handicap)

Tuesday 17 September 2019 – Golf Kendal Cup (Level Play)

Treasurer on behalf of the Committee – 16/08/2019 amended 26/08/2019 & 14/09/2019

3-4 August 2019 Open Invitation Weekend

Historic Double for Davd Brame

Saturday 3 August 2019

Level Play Singles won by David Brame

Handicap Singles won by Janet Kendal

Sunday 4 August 2019

Doubles won by David Brame & Teresa Tarrant

Report and photos to follow.

Treasurer for David Thirtle-Watts, Manager 04/08/2019

Golf Green Shutters Doubles (Handicap) 1st August 2019

Won by Christine Thirtle-Watts & Sarah Brame 7-4 Pat Dawson & Anne Gill

20 players gathered together on a hot sunny day to play in the Green Shutters doubles. 2 blocks of 5 couples played each other, the semi-finals were contested between Noel Gill and Andrew Vickery v Pat Dawson and Anne Gill, Pat and Anne went onto the final. The other block semi finals was contested between Janet Kendal and John Harper v Sarah Brame and Christine Thirtle-Watts. Sarah and Christine went on to the final. After a close fought game Sarah and Christine were the worthy winners.

Christine Thirtle-Watts & Sarah Brame

David Brame, Tournament Manager 01/08/2019

Hunstanton Sunny Hunny Belles – Red Hat Ladies – Social Evening 31/07/2019 – Postponed

This event has been postponed due to bad weather.  A new date will be arranged in due course.

Treasurer on behalf of Pat Dawson 10:30 31/07/2019

UK CA GC Open Tournament at Hunstanton – Saturday and Sunday 20-21 July 2019

Chris Sheen – Winner of the Hampson Memorial Salver 2019

David Thirtle-Watts – Winner of the Hampson Plate 2019

Chris Sheen and David Thirtle-Watts Winner and Runner-Up of the GC Open Tournament 20-21 July 2019
Standing: Terrey Sparks, Chris Sheen, Karen Jones, Colin McDonald & John Mariner Seated: Charles Martin, Noel Gill, Christine Wood, Edwin Bone, Pauline Donner, David Brame & David Thirtle-Watts (& Derek Cole) 12 of the 14 players at the start of play on day 1 Photo by: David Boxell, Manager

On Saturday rain stopped play after 6 rounds, with Chris Sheen undefeated on 6 wins, with Noel Gill and David Brame hard on his heels with 5 wins each.  Play was resumed at 09:00 on Sunday 21 July 2019, to accommodate 7 rounds of play.

Chris Sheen won the Hunstanton GC Open Tournament

After two days of all-play-all 13 point games with 14 players, Chris Sheen won with 11 wins and David Thirtle-Watts came second with 10 wins. Third place was taken by Noel Gill with 9 wins and a hoop difference of +22, pipping John Mariner into fourth place with 9 wins and a hoop difference of +11.

Thundery rain curtailed play on Saturday afternoon, but Sunday’s sunshine allowed games to be completed by 16:45.

We are grateful to all the helpers and supporters who made the tournament a success.

Scores have been recorded on croquet scores at:

David Boxell, Manager 21/07/2019

At the time of writing, 14 players have entered this two day tournament.  It will be run on an all-play-all format with 13 point games.   The players should arrive by 09:00 to start play at 09:30.  We note that some of you have requested lunches.  We will not be providing lunch, but hot drinks will be available throughout the day.  Please bring your own packed lunch.  There are a number of bakeries and shops available in town a 5 minute walk from the croquet club.  Parking is available on the recreation ground facing the club’s wooden boundary fence.  Turn off the A149 at the Recreation Ground Gates on King’s Lynn Road / Cromer Road, then immediately right towards the children’s play area, then left through the gap in the bund minding the lowered bollards.  Scores will be recorded on croquet scores at:

Manager / Treasurer 14/07/2019

Ashby beat Hunstanton 5-2 in the Murphy Shield

held at Hunstanton on Sunday 7th July 2019

The teams for this level play event and their handicaps (in brackets) were as follows:

Ashby: Christine Mounfield (2), Jane Tewson (3), Ray Mounfield (3) & Martin Wroughton (4).

Hunstanton: Pauline Donner (4), David Boxell (4), Christopher Herbert (6) & Susan Debenham (8).

Ashby won the doubles match 7/3 & 7/4; and then won 4 of the 6 singles matches.

The total number of hoops scored was Ashby 105 – 79 for Hunstanton.

We wish Ashby good luck in the next round.

Report by David Boxell, Hunstanton Captain 07/07/2019

GGSS – Golf Green Shutters Singles – Handicap

POSTPONED from 4 July 2019 – New Date to be advised

This is due to lawn maintenance work on lawns 3, 4 & 5.  This will be similar to the work recently carried out on lawns 1 & 2.  We regret the inconvenience, but the work is essential to maintain the playing quality of all of our lawns.  A new date for the Green Shutter Singles will be advised in due course.

Treasurer on behalf of Chairman 30/06/2019

CA GC Federations Shield (Handicap) – Quarter Final

In a closely contested match, at Nottingham CC on Tuesday 2nd July 2019, Broadwas beat Hunstanton 4-3 and  progress to the semi-finals.  We wish them good luck.

Treasurer 03/07/2019

CA GC C-Level Series – Hunstanton – 30 June 2019

David Brame won the Davd Mattacks Memorial Salver.  This is his second C-Level Series win.  Very many congratulations on a fine performance, including some trade-mark jump shots.

After 7 rounds of cross-blocked games the top two players from each block contested the semi-finals.  In which David Brame beat Peter Uglow & Izzy Poyntz beat Steve Tarrant.  The final was won by David Brame with a 7-5 win over Izzy Poyntz.  The 3rd/4th Place Play-Off was not contested.

Manager’s report and photos to follow.

Treasurer on behalf of Tournament Manager, David Thirtle-Watts 30/06/2019

CA GC B-Level Series – Hunstanton – 29 June 2019

Preliminary results pending manager’s report and photos.

The 18 players were put into 3 blocks of 6 for 5 games of all-play-all in each of the 3 blocks. The three winners and the best overall runner-up progressed to the semi-finals.

Semi-Finals: Henry Hobbs beat John Reddish; and Mike Bilton beat Alison Murray.

Final: Henry Hobbs retained The Storey Cup with a 7-5 win over Mike Bilton.

3rd/4th Place Play-off: Alison Murray took 3rd palce in the play-off with John Reddish taking 4th place.

Treasurer on behalf of Tournament Manager, David Thirtle-Watts 29/06/2019

CA GC B-Level on Saturday 29th June 2019 & CA GC C-Level on Sunday 30th June 2019

The lawns will be available for the 18 B-level and 14 C-level players for practice for 1 hour from 16:00 – 17:00 on Friday 28th June 2019.

Treasurer on behalf of David Thirtle-Watts, Tournament Manager 25/06/2019



25 JUNE 2019

Due to the severe bad weather this first date of three has been cancelled.  Pat Dawson will be in touch with a new date in due course.  In the meantime the 23 July and 20 August 2019 still stand.

Treasurer 25/06/2019

EACF GC B-Level League – Hunstanton 10 (112) v 10 (105) Norwich – 20th June 2019

Hunstanton edged a win on hoops over Norwich in a very close match.  There was some fine play with great clearances and some spectacular hoop running.  Chris Herbert had his handicap changed from 7 to 6.  We are grateful to Noel Gill for setting the lawns and managing the day’s play.  Well played everyone on a dry day.

Treasurer 20/06/2019

Hunstanton Club GC Singles Championship 13th June 2019

Finalists: John Reddish & David Boxell

Presentation by David Thirtle-Watts to John Reddish

John Reddish beat David Boxell 7-6 in the final to become this year’s club singles champion and representative at next year’s EACF GC Champions Day. John played consistently well throughout the day. He only lost one game in the block phase and that on the 13th hoop against David Boxell whom he peeled through the winning hoop!

The original entry of 20 was reduced to 14. This caused the manager to go through several iterations of block sizes and ceding combinations, before settling on two crossed blocks of 7 players each. After 7 rounds the Winners of each block played the runners up of the other blocks in two semi-finals leading to the final. Block A was clear cut with David Boxell on 5 wins and Colin McDonald on 4 wins. Block B was a much more tightly contested affair with three players on 6 wins each. David Thirtle-Watts (+13) missed out by a single hoop on net hoop difference to John Reddish (+20) and Trevor Whittaker (+14). In the semi-finals: John Reddish beat Colin McDonald 7-2 and David Boxell beat Trevor Whittaker 7-5.

Despite the almost constant rain, there was some fine play on display including: good positional play, effective clearances, long range hoop-running and some magnificent jump shots. There were also some good performances by higher handicap players against lower handicap players – beware there are scalp-hunters out there in a points rich environment!

The full results are available on croquet scores at:

We are grateful to David Thirtle-Watts for setting the hoops and lawns; to Gwenda and her helpers for a fine tea; and to the ‘lawn elves’ for their very discrete clearance of the lawns as play progressed through the later stages of the day.

David Boxell, Manager 13/06/2019

EACF GC Handicap League – Hunstanton 13 v 5 Bury St Edmunds – 11 June 2019

On a very wet day, Hunstanton prevailed 13 – 5 against Bury St Edmunds.  We are grateful to the Bury team for seeing the match out.  Our thanks to the ‘lawn elves’ and David Brame’s management team for keeping the proceedings on track.

Detailed results are shown below:

# Type Winners Result Losers Wscore Lscore
1 Doubles Ron Carter & Chris Minett beat Christine Thirtle-Watts & Susan Boxell 7 3
2 Doubles Chris Herbert & Janet Kendal beat Alan Plested & Barbara Plested 7 5
3 Singles Ron Carter beat Christine Thirtle-Watts 7 6
4 Singles Susan Boxell beat Barbara Plested 7 2
5 Singles Chris Herbert beat Alan Plested 7 0
6 Singles Chris Minett beat Janet Kendal 7 4
7 Singles Susan Boxell beat Chris Minett 7 2
8 Singles Christine Thirtle-Watts beat Alan Plested 7 5
9 Singles Janet Kendal beat Barbara Plested 7 3
10 Singles Chris Herbert beat Ron Carter 7 0
11 Singles Christine Thirtle-Watts beat Barbara Plested 7 6
12 Singles Ron Carter beat Susan Boxell 7 4
13 Singles Chrs Herbert beat Chris Minett 7 3
14 Singles Janet Kendal beat Alan Plested 7 4
15 Singles Susan Boxell beat Alan Plested 7 5
16 Singles Christine Thirtle-Watts beat Chris Minett 7 4
17 Singles Ron Carter beat Janet Kendal 7 6
18 Singles Chris Herbert beat Barbara Plested 7 5

Treasurer 11/06/2019

Local boy earns place in 2019 CA GC C-Level Final

David Brame – Winner of the C-Level at Ashby CC 08-06-2019


3rd Izzy Poyntz, 2nd Jenny Boulton, 1st David Brame & 4th Sandra Cornes

Preparing to take the winning jump shot

The winning jump shot

8 competitors played a round-robin, double banked on two lawns in wet conditions.  David and Julie both finished on 6 wins each.  A tightly contested final followed, with David finishing in style with a superb jump shot on the 12th hoop to win 7-5.  We are grateful to Mick Haytack and the Ashby CC for running such an enjoyable event.

Treasurer 09/06/2019

C.A. Over 50’s Handicap Week-End – 7th– 9th June 2019

(Jane Neville-Rolfe Salver)

John Henderson Sneaks It

John Henderson receiving the trophy from Hugh Carlisle Photo: Mike Bowser

John Henderson 2019 Winner Photo by: Bob Thompson

John Henderson in action Photo by Bob Thompson

Charles Ostler checking the line Photo by Bob Thompson

16 entrants from as far as Cumbria, North Yorkshire, Nottingham and London entered for this years Over 50’s Handicap Tournament staged using The Hands-Irwin Egyptian Format. Unfortunately, the first two day were a bit of a trial with high winds mingled with quite heavy showers however, being experienced tournament croquet players having travelled some distance nothing was going to interfere with play and quite a few game were completed. The final day was a complete turn-around basked in glorious sunny hunny weather.

Play was keen and very competitive and over the three days the lead changed several times. After the first day the first place was occupied by Phil Cordingley (Hampstead Heath), closely followed by Ken Anderton (Bury) and Neil Chalmers (Norwich) with John Henderson (Penrith) remaining in touch with the leading group.

After day two the lead was unexpectedly taken over by John Reddish (Norwich) closely followed by Phil, John and Ken.

As we approached the final games of day three it became a two horse race between Phil Cordingley, playing off -1 handicap and John Henderson on 12. John using his bisques carefully and wisely managed to keep Phil off the lawn whilst he carefully worked his way through the hoops to win the day +25. In 3rd place was Charles Ostler (Pinchbeck).

The presentation was done by a Past President Hugh Carlisle.

The Hunstanton lawns were in excellent condition and played well, full compliments to Jeff Race the groundsman.  There was one handicap change Hugh Carlisle increasing 2 -2.5. Full results can be found on croquet scores:

Report:- Terrey Sparks 11-06-2019

A summary of the work performed during the resetting of hoops

A team of 7 people were involved in re-setting the tournament and club hoops. The initial measuring and marking was performed on Monday afternoon. On Tuesday morning the strings were strung, 3 vertical and 5 horizontal on each lawn, to give the location for each of the 6 hoops and the centre peg. Position 8 was selected on the setting template and a club hoop offset was also marked. The hoops were then put into their new tournament holes, then lifted and the procedure repeated for the club settings – denoted by white lines for ease of recognition. The centre pegs for AC and GC were similarly re-positioned. The tent pegs used for securing the strings and the hole markers were retrieved; the strings rewound onto their drums; and all tools returned ready for the next outing. The old holes were then closed. The core team of volunteers spent approximately 3 person days performing this task.

Treasurer 04/06/2019

EACF GC Wheeler Shield 2019

This annual event was hosted at Wrest Park. The results will be posted on the EACF’s website at:

Spoiler alert! The Norfolk Team of David Thirtle-Watts, David Boxell, Jonathan Toye & David Brame came fourth. We are grateful to: Terrey Sparks for organising this event (assisted by Nick Archer on scoring); Wrest Park for hosting it; and to our fellow competitors for some challenging play on a very hot day.  We are looking forward to next year’s event.

Treasurer 03/06/2019

CA GC A-Level Tournament – 25-26 May 2019

Simon Carter won this A-Level Series Tournament with 14 wins, the runner up was Nick Archer with 12 wins.

This years tournament was contested by 16 players in an all-play-all format over two days.

Back row: Leslie Heard, Paul Durkin, Chris Jackson, Louise Smith, Stuart M Smith, Christine Wood, Simon Carter & Nicholas Archer.  Front row: David Thirtle-Watts, Mike Bilton, Roger Goldring, Noel Gill, Jane Tewson, Don Beck, Paul Gunn & Stephen Custance-Baker.

At the end of the first day Nick Archer was leading with 8 wins, followed by Simon Carter on 7 wins, with Stephen Custance-Baker and Don Beck on 6 wins each.  Saturday’s sunshine was replaced by intermittent showers.  Fortunes changed during the later rounds.  The last few rounds proved decisive and the 15th round match between Simon and Nick determined the first and second places.  Third place went to Stephen Custance-Baker with 11 wins.  Donald Beck finished 4th with 10 wins.

There was one reported handicap change: Noel Gill from 2 to 1 as a result of winning 9 games and coming joint 6th with Stuart M Smith.

The results are available at:

We are grateful to the players for giving a demonstration of some very fine croquet.  They also managed to give the GC Rules Committee some food for thought in respect of the wrong ball rules and the penalty area restart, with two incidents on two different lawns during the same round.

Our thanks are also extended to the band of volunteers and ‘lawn elves’ for all their work before, during and after the tournament.

Manager / Treasurer 25/05/2019

CA GC Grass Roots – Level Play – Thursday 23/05/2019

This event was won by Caroline Harper who beat David Brame 7 – 5 in the final.

There were 10 entrants.

Back row: Sarah Brame, Janet Kendal, Susan Boxell, Christine Thirtle-Watts & Caroline Harper.

Front row: David Brame, Faith Harman, John Harper, Janet Carpenter & Robert North.

The winner and possibly the runner up will qualify for the National Final at Bath Croquet Club on Sunday 1st September 2019.  The results are recorded on Croquet Scores at:

The 5 rounds of cross-blocked games resulted in David Brame being the clear winner of Block A with 5 wins and Susan Boxell the runner-up with 3 wins.  Block B was more closely contested, Caroline Harper won with 4 wins and Janet Carpenter was the runner up with 3 wins on hoop difference over Christine Thirtle-Watts.

The semi finals were contested by David Brame 5 – 3 Janet Carpenter and Caroline Harper 7 – 0 Susan Boxell.

The final was won by Caroline Harper beating David Brame 5 – 7.

The 3rd / 4th place play off was between Janet Carpenter who beat Susan Boxell 7 – 5 .

There were three GC handicap changes: David Brame from 8 to 7; Caroline Harper from 12 to 11; & Bob North was cut from 14 to 12 on general play.

We were blessed with good weather and are grateful to David Thirtle-Watts for setting the hoops and lawns, Gwenda Mackenzie for a fine tea and all the other unsung heroes who pitched in to do their bit.

Treasurer 23/05/2019

EACF GC Open League – Tuesday 21/05/2019

Hunstanton beat Norwich 12-8

Hunstanton won 3 of the 4 doubles games and 9 of the 16 singles games, despite the dramatic snapping of a mallet shaft during the first round of doubles.

Treasurer 21/05/2019

CA GC Inter-Club – Sunday 19/o5/2019

Nottingham beat Hunstanton 7-0.

Full results

We are grateful to Nottingham for their hospitality and wish them well in the defence of their title.

Treasurer 19/05/2019

Come & Try Day – Saturday 18 May 2019

It was good to see a considerable number of club members turn out to assist the 18 people who attended the afternoon.  A couple refreshed their AC skills.  Some remembered Garden Croquet.  Most were introduced to Golf Croquet for the first time.  All were given a warm welcome and encouraged to return on club afternoons.  We wish them well.

Treasurer 18/05/2019

EACF GC B-Level League

Hunstanton 5.5 v 14.5 Chelmsford – Thursday 9 May 2019

We hosted Chelmsford.  They won all 4 doubles and 10.5 of the Singles games.  Hunstanton won 5.5 of the singles games.  The hoop tally was Chelmsford 119 – 100 Hunstanton.  Congratulations to Chelmsford for a good win.

Treasurer 09/05/2019

EACF GC Handicap League

Colchester 4 v 14 Hunstanton – Tuesday 7 May 2019

We are grateful to Colchester for their hospitality.  Hunstanton won both of the Doubles and 12 of the 16 Singles games.  The hoop tally was Hunstanton 111 – 83 Colchester.  Christine Thirtle-Watts had her GC handicap cut to 7.

Treasurer 07/05/2019

CA AC Robert Prichard Weekend – 4-6 May 2019

Congratulations to Mark Avery this year’s winner.

Results may be seen on croquet scores at:

Report on CA website at:

Treasurer 06/05/2019 updated 15/05/2019

Four Hunstanton players participated in a CA GC C-Level tournament at Surbiton.  The results are available on croquet scores at the following link:

Congratulations to David Brame on coming second and having his GC handicap cut from 10 to 8; and to Christine Thirtle-Watts for coming third.  There were also good results for Susan Boxell and Sarah Brame.

A report should be available on the CA’s website in a few days time.

Treasurer 29/04/2019

The following are links to both the CA and EACF websites to allow you to follow these inter-club competitions.

The Croquet Association:

GC Inter-Club

GC Murphy Shield

GC Federations Shield

The East Anglian Croquet Federation:

GC Open League

GC B Level League

GC Handicap League

Treasurer 29/04/2019

CA GC Murphy Shield – Hunstanton beat Wrest Park by 4.5. to 2.5 matches at home on Friday 26 April 2019.  The team have won a place in the Quarter Finals of this national inter-club competition.

Treasurer 29/04/2019

EACF GC Open League – Ipswich beat Hunstanton by 12 matches to 8 in the away fixture.  The net hoop difference was 110 to 107.  Results to be reported on the EACF’s website and croquet rankings in due course by the home team.  We are grateful to Ipswich for their hospitality.  There was a handicap change for David Brame from 11 to 10.

Treasurer 24/04/2019

Date changes for your diary

It has become necessary to make the following changes to the previously published calendar for 2019.

The ‘Come & Try’ Day has been moved from Saturday 27th April 2019 to Saturday 18th May 2019.

The GC Green Shutters Doubles (Handicap) has been moved from Thursday 25th July 2019 to Thursday 1st August 2019.

We regret any inconvenience caused.

Treasurer on behalf of the Committee 09/03/2019

Early Season Internal GC Handicap Match on Thursday 25 April 2019

5 Lawns have been booked for this day for an early season internal handicap match, in preparation for the season’s CA and EACF inter-club matches.

New GC Rule Books – Would anyone interested in purchasing a rule book through the club please let me know asap.  The price is expected to be £5.00 per copy.

Noel Gill – 08/03/2019

Message from The CA – “Croquet Tour to South Australia – November 2019”

Dear Club Secretary,

Andrew Larpent asked me to send this flyer to all clubs.  Can you please circulate it with your members.

Croquet Tour SA 2019 Flyer v4

All enquiries, please go to:

Best wishes,

Mark Suter
Croquet Association
01242 242318


Message from The Croquet Association – “Croquet Women’s Group” – 13/02/2019

Hi there,

I would be very grateful if you would forward the following message to your members for consideration:

We have recently created a Google Group to encourage more competitive croquet amongst our women players.  The group is to be used as a communication tool to share knowledge and provide guidance towards entering competitive and hopefully advanced croquet tournaments.  Please note this group is not exclusively for women to join, all croquet players are welcome.

We already have over 50 women players from the UK and rest of the world, where we can hear about and learn from some experiences from other countries.  I am a strong believer that playing competitive croquet isn’t just about the croquet, it’s also about planning, knowing what tournaments exist and having courage to take the next steps towards a higher level of play.

Regardless of your current standard of play, whether you only play handicap games on the club roll up days, fill in for the local League match or only play Advanced Tournaments or Championship events, we would love to hear from you.

If you would like to join the group please visit!forum/womens-croquet or contact me direct for an invitation (  Please feel free to share this link/ e-mail with other who you think might be interested.

Many thanks


Alison Maugham
AC International Performance Director
Croquet Association

07766 720 830

COFFEE MORNING – NORFOLK LAVENDER – 10:30 – 12:30 – Tuesday 12th (NOT 8th) February 2019

Dear Members

I hope you are all well and have escaped the various colds that have been circulating since Christmas!

This is a gentle reminder about the 100 Club as we have only received a handful of applications back.  Janet is eagerly waiting to receive them so just in case you may have mislaid the application form I attach this for you so that you can bring it along to the coffee morning on the 12th at the Norfolk Lavender Farm. Janet will be there or if you are unable to come along pop it in the post to her.

HCC – 100 Club Application Form – 2019 Season – 03-04-2018

It’s not too long now to the new season.  In March we will be busy getting the club ready.

We look forward to seeing on the coffee morning until then.

Kind regards

Sarah Brame, HCC Club Secretary 31/01/2019

PS: This will also be an opportunity for those of you who have not already done so, to renew your subscriptions for 2019.  Treasurer 31/01/2019.

Information for All Members for 2019

The CA has adopted the World Croquet Federations Rules for Golf Croquet you can download a copy by clicking on the  link below:

WCF GC Rules 5th Edition

Additionally, we have revised and re-issued our Information Pack for New Members you can download a copy by clicking on the link below:

New Members Information Pack (Issue 2) 30-11-2018

Treasurer 04/12/2018

Annual Mailing of Newsletter & Forms for 2019

Following the 2018 AGM the Committee, and some volunteers, have been making preparations for next season.

We have emailed / posted the following documents to each member for information and action and return with payments as appropriate:

  • Annual Newsletter
  • 2019 Calendar
  • Membership Renewal form
  • Gift Aid Declaration form for donations (if applicable) &
  • Hundred Club Application form.

It is appreciated that a few of you have already visited the club’s website and returned completed forms with your payments – Thank you.

Treasurer: 30/11/2018

The Croquet Association’s data sharing agreement for club membership data wef 12/11/2018

In brief, as a member of this club, you are entitled to Standard membership of the Croquet Association (CA), if you do not currently subscribe individually to it (as a Premium member).  Standard membership will give you access to the Croquet Gazette, entitle you to play in calendar tournaments and influence the running of the sport.

To take advantage of this your consent is required, to enable the club to share your contact details and other croquet related data (such as handicaps) with the CA, and for you to appear in the directory in the members only section of its website.  We do NOT share any financial related information we may hold, such as bank or credit card details.

For information about the data to be shared and how it will be used, please see

We have revised out 2019 Membership Renewal Forms to reflect the changes.  Your consent to data sharing with the CA will be recorded on the reverse of these forms and the CA directory updated on receipt of your completed forms for 2019.   These can be downloaded from the foot of our Home page.

If your contact details change during the year please inform the Club Secretary and Club Treasurer.  You should also update your personal details including handicap changes on the CA’s Members Directory accessible using the following link:

Login using your email address and your current CA password, then your personal details tabs as appropriate.

Treasurer 13/11/2018

Coffee Mornings

Two coffee mornings have been arranged at Norfolk Lavender from 10:30-12:30 on Tuesday 27 November 2018 and again at the same time on Tuesday 12 February 2019.

Treasurer on behalf of Pat Dawson

This page was last reviewed on 30/11/2018 in preparation for the 2019 Season and updated on 26/10/2019.