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Archived Results, Events and News page for 2014 Season.

100 club Results

May        1st  George Noble      2nd   Roy Donner          3rd     Jane Race
June  1 Thelma Betts  2  Janet Carpenter  3  Janet Kendal
July  1st  Pauline Donner/ 2nd  George Noble  3rd  David Etheridge
August    1st Barrie Joyce    2nd David Etheridge     3rd Neil Chalmers
September – 1st Margaret Toll,    2nd Charles Ostler,    3rd Ros Etheridge
October  1st  George Noble   2nd Joyce Robins    3rd  David Etheridge

Final  Countdown Weekend -18/19th October 2014

The Club ended the season with this tournament- which has now been   named – Terry Kendal Trophy in memory of our former Chairman.
26 players in 3 blocks took part, over the 2 days.
Saturday’s   winners were- David Thirtle-Watts with 15 points- Block A. Derek Cole  with 14 points Block B,though David Boxall   was equal on points, Derek Cole had won in their match. Thelma Betts  Block A was close to qualifying with 12 points.  Carole Ward was the Manager,for the day. Thank you.
Sunday’s winner was Pauline Donner,which meant there was a 3 way Round Robin to decide the winner. However, each player won 1 leg, so it went to a 4 ball shoot out at Hoop 1 from the baseline.
Although the wires were hit several times and Derek put a ball in the hoop, but not through, no-one managed to run  a hoop, so it was agreed to share the  Trophy
Thanks to all members for the great spirit in which the   matches were played- albeit that the lawns were half size- due to lawn maintenance. Grateful thanks to Jeff Race and Peter Brown for the preparation, and to all who helped with Setting and Clearing away the lawns.
The event was organised by  Derek Cole and appreciation to Pam Bishop, who helped with the Tea/Coffee/cakes on the Saturday, Cheryl Gregg for the cakes and Janet Kendal who helped on the Sunday.

Saturdays players and helpers

Club Lunch              Wednesday  8th October  2014

The lunch was held at Heacham Manor Hotel and enjoyed by 38 members and 3 guests.
The event concluded by the Acting Chairman,Myfanwy Dunford, presenting the Cups and Salvers and commerative coasters, which had been won during the past season.

Friday (GC) Handicap League

After an initial failure to get the organised Friday league underway due to insufficient interest. A group of 8 players interested in playing some form of competitive Handicap play decided to meet on an ad-hoc basis on Friday afternoons to play non-restrictive time games.
The winner of this event was Peter Brown with an average 77% of wins. The runner up was Charles Ostler who gained a very creditable 70% of wins.
An interesting point is that 7 of the group formed the squad that won the EACF Handicap league proving that the games proved not only good basic experience for league play but, also built up a good esprit de corp.
                                                            H/C                 P             W             %
                       1.        Peter Brown         (7)                  14           10             77
2.        Charles Ostler      (7)                  10             7             70
3.        Derek Cole           (3)                  16            9              56
4.        Chris Ward           (5)                   4             2             50
5.        Terrey Sparks       (3)                  17            8             41
6.        Roy Donner          (6)                  10            4             40
7.        Ruth Cole             (9)                  16            6             38
8.        Pauline Donner     (5)                    9            3             33

Carpenter Cup   Thursday  11th September  2014

10 players- with a handicap of 10 or above- took part in this  competition.  The day proved very enjoyable, and competition was very lively.
The final was between Janet Carpenter and David Etheridge. David was the winner, and the Trophy was presented  by Acting Chairman Myfanwy.
The day was managed superbly by Jeff Race, who we thank for his organisation.

Hunstanton Win The EACF (GC) Handicap League
Despite a shaky start to the season losing to Ipswich the team has steadily improved by winning all their remaining group games to ensure their position as leaders of The Northern & Mid Area Group. In the semi-final play-off the team comprising of Pauline and Roy Donner plus Ruth and Derek Cole had a very close encounter with Watford winners of the Southern Region just running out the winners 10 – 9. Proceeding to the final held at Letchworth on Saturday 13th September the team made up of Pauline and Roy Donner, Ruth Cole and Charles Ostler turned in a magnificent performance to outplay Maldon from the Eastern Group winning 12 – 6.
This is a great honour for Hunstanton the first time the club have lifted this trophy in the 10 – 12 years it has been in existence.
Over the summer season the following members formed the group from whom the teams were selected:  Pauline & Roy Donner, Ruth & Derek Cole, Peter Brown, Charles Oster, Simon Carter and Terrey Sparks.
EACF full report here

Golf Doubles- Thursday  28th August 2014
16 entrants were ‘top and tailed’   by handicaps ( ranging from 3-12) in 8 pairs and then in 2 min-blocks of 4. After the usual all-play-all in the Block  ,the results were sifted through to find top2 and bottom 2 players.
Lunch conveniently intervened whilst the Manager sorted out one Block that had 3 pairs tied on two wins each and two of the pairs had the same net hoops.
Apres lunch top 2 in each block played top 2 in the other block for position    1-4. Similarly the third and fourth pairs for 5 to 8.
Clear winners(thank goodness) were Thelma Betts and Ruth Cole with 4 wins and second was Myfanwy Dunford and Peter Brown.
The weather was cold and threatening- becoming warm and sunny.
The whole day was  well managed by Ken Wheeler- to whom we are very grateful.

This SGM has now been cancelled due to the resignation of the Clubs’ President Ken Wheeler.
The Club has organised a Special General Meeting on Monday 15th September commencing at 2.00pm, at the request of 14 Members to discuss the Proposal to change the Club Constitution, prior to the AGM.
This is as per the Attached Proposed Constitution (4 pages) plus a Notice of further information.
We hope that as many Full Members can attend. With regards from the Officers and Committee

115th Tournament  –  23rd –  26th August
Despite adverse weather on the Monday this did not dampen the spirit and enthusiasm of the 21 entrants who partook in this year’s event which was again played in a competitive and friendly atmosphere. On the Monday evening the majority decamped to ‘The Silk Road Chinese Restaurant’ at Heacham which was organised by the club’s Egon Ronay  Bryan  Saddington to sample the delights on offer.
As usual the tournament was split into 5 groups of Level & Handicap play and the winners were as follows:
Group A:   (Norfolk County Challenge Cup):    Duncan Hector  –  Bygrave
Group B:   (Hunstanton Challenge Bowl):         Veronica Carlisle  –  Hurlingham/Hunstanton
Group C:   (The Silver Bowl):                                Hugh Carlisle  –  Hurlingham/Hunstanton
Group D:  (The Purdy Lee Trophy):                     Martin Kolbuszewski  –  Cheltenham
Group E:   (Hunstanton Challenge Cup):            Duncan Hector  –  Bygrave
(R/U The  Rothwell Trophy):             Veronica Carlisle – Hurlingham/Hunstanton
Silver Cigarette Box
At the presentation a special mention was by The Club President to the Manager Martin Kolbuszewski  who for the 22nd year ably and efficiently managed the whole four days with what appeared to be no effort at all.

G. C. Invitation – Singles and Doubles.  Saturday 9th – Sunday 10th August.

The weekend provided very mixed weather.  The 20 singles players on Saturday enjoyed excellent sunshine whilst the doubles on Sunday saw players donning rainwear all day.

The singles, well supported by visitors and Hunstanton members, was divided into two competitions.  The top players, playing level, was fiercely contested with Jeff Race and Tony Lee both losing just one game in block play.  Tony took the trophy having beaten Jeff 7 – 6 in block play.

The handicap trophy went to Club newcomer Peter Brown, winning in a final against Bob Potter (Woodhall Spa).  Winning six of his games – Peter’s handicap is reducing rapidly.

The Doubles on Sunday- competed between 10 pairs was played in two blocks with play “crossblocked” to give 5 games.  Block winners were David Thirtle-Watts / Maureen Croft and Ray Donner / Myfanwy Dunford.  By virtue of the narrowest possible win (7 / 6) in block play Roy and Myfanwy won the Doubles Trophy.

GREEN SHUTTERS  DOUBLES                Thursday  31st  July  2014

24 members played in this tournament, on a very hot and humid day.
The final was between Peter Brown & Richard Moore and Myfanwy Dunford & Charles Ostler.
The winning pair were Myfanwy Dunford & Charles Ostler.
The day was very well managed by Jeff Race, who we greatly appreciate.

Golf Croquet ‘B’ (Series) Level Tournament 5th July 2014 -The Storey Cup

This is a new tournament to the club and comprises of players in the 3 – 8 range with the winner qualifying for the National Final at Hamptworth in October. Those finishing 2nd to 4th attract qualifying points with the highest going forward as well to fill any unfilled places. The Storey Cup was presented to the club some years ago by Ian and Kathy Storey and never used until now as no suitable event presented itself.
There were twelve entrants split into two blocks of all play all with the same ranked players playing across blocks to determine the final order.
Block  A                                Block  B
David Ball                             David Boxell
Ruth Cole                             Derek Cole
Pauline Donner                     John Cundell
Richard Keighley                  Roy Donner
Tony Lee                              David Thirtle-Watts
Terrey Sparks                       Chris Ward
The outright winner of the A block was Terrey Sparks with 4 wins out of 5 games. However, block B was rather complicated in that it ended up with 4 players on 3 wins each ie: John Cundell, Chris Ward, David Thirtle-watts and Roy Donner. To resolve the problem the Manager Ken Wheeler compiled a miniature block of the 4 players discounted the other 2 and then compare each other game results. This broke the tie and John was declared the winner of Block B and went on to meet Terrey in the final play-off. This proved to be a bit of a dour affair with John getting off to a commanding lead which Terrey could not close. John run out the winner 7/3.Final Positions:    1st  John Cundell,          2nd Terrey Sparks,                 3rd  Tony Lee,                 4th  Chris Ward

The day was well supported – 32 members arrived and were involved with “Single and Doubles ” matches, during the morning. Also there were several “Fun” competions, to keep everyone involved.
A Strawberry and Pimms tea was provided – courtesy of the Acting Chairman  – Myfanwy,  and was prepared and served by the committee – under the guidance of Thelma Betts.
After the tea the Prize Giving took place –
“Single” Salver – Charles Ostler
“Doubles ” – Myfanwy Dunford & Roy Donner
Fun Games winners were Putting – Peter Brown, Running Hoops – Bryan Montgomery, Petanque – Pam Reynolds, Coffee Bean tins – Sarah Wainwright, Running 2 hoops – Pat Baillie.       All presented with bottles of wine – courtesy of Myfanwy.
All these events were managed by Jeff Race, and we really could not do without him. Jeff was thanked in the usual manner – 2 bottles of wine.

Charles Ostler Wins ‘The Over 50’s Tournament   13th – 15 June 2014

Stalking – Bob Thompson (Nottingham)

Rampaging Charles

Did it hit? – Margaret Anderson (Bury)   & Tournament Manager Terrey Sparks

    Charles Ostler proved unstoppable in this year Over 50’s Handicap Tournament in which nineteen competitors from eight various clubs took part in this year’s tournament. Starting the first day on an handicap of 18 his improvement was such that Terrey Sparks the C.A. Handicapper and also Manager of the event had to take emergency action and reduce Charles Handicap to 14 after winning  his first round of games quite easily and by a large margin.
 However, this did not dampen his form as he managed to continue on his rampage seeing off his opponents over the next two days without loss despite a near miss against Geogeen Hemming of Colchester narrowly winning by only +1 after a mix up over the Tournament Regulations that saved Charles’s bacon.
Using the ‘Hans – Irwin’ (Egyptian) method of scoring Charles 100%  record scored him a final rating of 155 points 14 ahead of last year’s Runner – Up Margaret Anderton to lift the trophy. The Final position being:-
                                      Wins         Points
1st   Charles Ostler:             (7/7)     –     155
2nd: Margaret Anderton        (5/6)     –     141
3rd: Mike Bowser                 (4/6)    –      120
4th:  Geo. Woolhouse            (4/7)    –     118
5th:  Bob Thompson              (5/8)    –      116

Ken Wheeler Shield 7th June – Norfolk Reverse The Tables
Despite a wet start which saw heavy showers in the morning this was not to dampen the spirits of the six eastern counties sides who mustered at Hunstanton on Saturday 7th June to contest who would be this year’s champions in ‘The Ken Wheeler Shield’ under threatening sky’s which quickly developed into a prolong downpour.
Both Suffolk and Norfolk last year’s gold medal round contenders made an impressive start in their first games putting in 3 – 0 wins over their Essex and Bedfordshire opponents. Not to be outdone, Hertfordshire keeping up with the pace scoring a 2 -1 win over Cambridgeshire.  As the weather improved it became clear it was becoming a three horse race with Norfolk and Suffolk after the first series of games each notching up 4 wins out of their first five games, with Hertfordshire in close pursuit winning 3 out of their first 5.
These three leading teams then went forward into the gold medal round of doubles where the each played each other in a series of doubles scoring double points. Norfolk with 11 wins with Suffolk and Hertfordshire both in hot pursuit on 10. It was all to play for. Hertfordshire was the first side to finish their games winning against Norfolk and losing the other against Suffolk. This meant that the winner were not going to be decided until the final game between Norfolk and Suffolk was concluded as  the position currently stood as Herts and Suffolk on 12 points leaving Norfolk still on 11.
The final game between Jeff Race and Tony Lee Norfolk and David Crawford Crawford and Paul Strover Suffolk was a tense affair that kept the watching crowd enthralled. However after several nail biting moments Norfolk just managed to pip Suffolk 7/5 to run out the match winners putting their name on the shield for the first time.
This is the fourth year the E.A.C.F. has staged this tournament and it is proving very popular and the standard is improving year on year. As usual it was competently managed by Ken Wheeler the President of the host club Hunstanton.        Report:  Terrey Sparks
See the EACF web-site where the full scores teams etc; will be published

Enjoying the Sun

Waiting for the decision

Winning Norfolk Team:  Tony Lee, Simon Carter, David Thirtle-Watts & Jeff Race

Golf Singles-  Level PlayThursday  June 5th  2014 
10 Club members were involved and played in very cool,damp weather.
The Final was between  Simon Carter and Jeff Race, and after very good match play- the winner by 1 shot was Jeff Race.
The competition was managed by Ken Wheeler-in his own very professional manner.

Newport Croquet Club hosted a EACF (East Anglian Croquet Federation) Golf Croquet Level Play Competition on Tuesday 3 June.
Four members from Hunstanton Croquet Club travelled south to Newport. to play four members of Newport Croquet Club. This is a competition without handicaps and each player had to play four games of single play and one game of pairs. In all there were 18 games. At lunch time Hunstanton were leading eight games to four and at the completion of all the singles matches, by ten to six. Hunstanton won the two final games of pairs so taking the match twelve to six. Despite Newport’s defeat the day was an enjoyable and friendly one played in warm sunshine..The photograph shows all the players unveiling Newport Croquet Club’s new club flag. Newport’s team: John Sibson, Maureen Goodchild, Clive Cassidy,, Francis Lambert: Hunstanton’s team:Terrey Sparks, Jeff Race, David Thirtle-Watts, Derek Cole

Friday Handicap Ladder
As there were insufficient numbers to run a Handicap League in its place it is now planned to organise a Handicap Ladder for those person whom showed an interest in the league. This will commence on Friday 6th June at 1.30pm and will run for the following Fridays:
20th June: 4th July: 11th July: 1st August: 15th August: 29th August: 12th September: 26th September: 10th October:This will be handicap play and open to all: Dress will be Predominately White:
Games will not be timed and you will be able to play as many or as little games as you want. All games will qualify for the Handicap Card.
A set of Regulations will be promulgated prior to the Ladder commencing.

ROBERT PRICHARD TOURNAMENT      3rd-5th  May  2014
The first CA listed tournament of the year got under way over the Bank Holiday w/end, in glorious sunny weather conditions. This year a full complement of 25 entrants from as far apart as Scotland and Eire took part and was expertly managed by Nick Harris, who has made this event his own.
Despite a  2 year absence when he last won ‘The Prichard’- Mark Avery, a long   established International player from the Ipswich Club ,made  his return to dominate the T/ment,with a magnificent display of Association Croquet,in his relaxed style.
After the tournament, which was an outstanding success,the Club received many compliments, not only on the playing conditions  of the lawns ,but  the excellence   standard of the catering and the Bar facilities provided to support the event which contributed to make it an outstanding success.

GC Inter-Club Championship match at Letchworth on 9th May 2014

Letchworth beat Hunstanton 4.5 – 2.5 
Teams (Handicaps in brackets)
Letchworth      Nick Mounfield (-1)        Duncan Hector (1)    David Tutt (2)    Ian Mantle (3)
Hunstanton      Jeff Race (1)          Terrey Sparks (3)   David Thirtle-Watts (3)     Tony Lee (4)

Results (Letchworth names first)
Nick Mounfield and Duncan Hector beat Jeff Race and Terrey Sparks 7/6, 7/3
David Tutt beat Tony Lee 7/0, 7/4
Ian Mantle drew with David Thirtle-Watts 7/6, 5/7 (Third leg not completed)
Nick Mounfield beat Jeff Race 7/2, 7/3
Duncan Hector beat Terrey Sparks 6/7, 7/1, 7/4
David Tutt lost to David Thirtle-Watts 4/7, 4/7
Ian Mantle lost to Tony Lee 7/6, 6/7, 4/7

The GC Murphy Inter-Club Shield match at Hunstanton on 29th April 2014

Hunstanton beat Leighton-Linslade 5-3
Teams (Handicaps in brackets)
Hunstanton       David Thirtle-Watts (3)      Terrey Sparks (3)   Tony Lee (4) Derek Cole (4)
Leighton Linslade             David Ball (3)      Roger Stroud (3) John Cundell (4)    Jean Ball (5)

Results (Hunstanton names first)
David Thirtle-Watts/Terrey Sparks v David Ball/Roger Stroud 7/6 6/7 6/7
Tony Lee v Jean Ball 7/3 7/3
Derek Cole v John Cundell 7/4 7/3
David Thirtle-Watts v David Ball 7/6 7/5
Terrey Sparks v Roger Stroud 7/4 5/7 5/7
Tony Lee v John Cundell 2/7 7/5 7/2
Derek Cole v Jean Ball 7/5 7/3
Hunstanton will play Northampton away in the next round.