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Lawns can be booked using the EACF’s Court Booking System see below:

The lawns are open to Members from 9:30 am to dusk every day during the playing season.  Exceptions are ‘Calendar Days’ when Club Competitions, Matches, Tournaments and special events take place.

MondayFree FormatClub AfternoonFree FormatGolf Doubles – By Draw
TuesdayFree FormatFree FormatFree Format 
WednesdayExperiencedClub AfternoonFree FormatGolf Doubles – By Draw
ThursdayFree FormatFree FormatFree Format 
FridayFree FormatSinglesFree FormatInformal draw or ladder games
SaturdayFree FormatFree FormatFree Format 
SundayFree FormatFree FormatFree Format 

 On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, please can everyone arrive by 1:30 pm latest to help set the lawns -no play/practice until all lawns are ready. Partners allocated when lawns are ready, to commence play at 2:00pm approx.

One or two lawns are booked on Wednesday mornings for those looking to improve their game, play longer games and adhere more strictly to the rules. All welcome – do ask anyone on the committee for further details.

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