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The CA Membership Database as at 28/02/2018

As of the CA’s deadline of 28/02/2018, 57 Members had renewed their Membership of the Hunstanton Croquet Club and their details have been passed to the CA, so that they might receive personal copies of The CA Gazette in April 2018.  I should be grateful if any Members who wish to renew their Membership would do so before 31/03/2018.

Treasurer 01/03/2018.

The following message was received from the CA

“Further to your work uploading your club’s data to the CA website, I can now inform you that it has all been processed and imported into the CA Membership database.  It will take about one working day for the changes to cycle through so that your members can log into the website and access the directory and enter tournaments online. You might like to inform them when this has happened, and point them to the welcome page

Please note that directory access specific to fellow club members is a feature that is not yet available, so if one or more of your members has said they wish to be visible to club members but not the wider CA membership, then for the moment their details will not be available to fellow club members. We hope to implement this feature in the coming months.

If you need to amend or add to the details you have provided, don’t forget you can upload a replacement file at any time, and this will supersede the information you have currently provided.

Many thanks for your help with this process.

The Croquet Association
28/02/2018 22:57″

Hunstanton Croquet Club – Coffee Morning


Wednesday 7th March 2018
10-30am – 12-30pm
Venue: Norfolk Lavender Coffee Shop

It’s damp and cold outside, and the sales have finished so how about a coffee?
Please join us for a coffee and chat with croquet friends, your sure of a warm welcome.

The committee look foreword to seeing you.

Pat Dawson

HCC Committee Member, 03/02/2018 updated 10/02/2018

Membership Renewal 2018 and offer of CA Standard Membership

The Croquet Association would like to be able to provide, those of you who take up the offer of CA Standard Membership with, your first copies of The Croquet Gazette in April.  However, this requires that we send the Club’s 2018 Membership details by the end of February.  This is to assist with their distribution schedule.  To achieve this we should be grateful if you would complete and return your Hunstanton Croquet Club, 2018 Membership Renewal forms (both sides Membership and CA Data Sharing Agreement) to the Treasurer, HCC asap to allow processing and submission of up-to-date Membership information to the CA.  To the 40 of you who have already done so – Thank you.  To the rest of you, your assistance would be appreciated.

Treasurer, HCC 02/02/2018

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