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Results, Events and News page for 2018 Season

Hunstanton Golf Green Shutter Singles (Handicap) – Thursday 5th July 2018

Won by Christine Thirtle-Watts.

Match report and photos to follow.

Managed by David Thirtle-Watts

Hunstanton CA GC C-Level Series on 1 July 2018 won by Steve Tarrant

Twelve entrants gathered at Hunstanton on Sunday the 1st July for the club’s 1st ‘C’ Level Qualifying (GC) Tournament. Split into two blocks of six, with the block winners, along with the runners-up proceeding through to a semi-final knock out.

The group winners being Christine Thirtle-Watts and Steve Tarrant with Pat Dawson and Teresa Tarrant taking the runners-up places.

The first semi-final, contested between Christine and Pat, with Pat winning 7-5. Whilst in the second match Teresa lost to Steve 6-7.

The final was a very close match. Steve, after some very determined play ran out the overall winner against Pat 7-5. Whilst in the 3rd/4th place match Christine overcame Teresa 7-3.

Final Result.
1st: Steve Tarrant – Norwich
2nd: Pat Dawson – Hunstanton
3rd: Christine Thirtle-Watts – Hunstanton
4th: Teresa Tarrant – Norwich

Handicap changes
Ann Udall 9 to 8
Christine Thirtle-Watts 10 to 9
Janet Kendal 12 to 14

Managed by David Thirtle-Watts

Hunstanton CA GC B-Level Series on 30 June 2018 won by Henry Hobbs

Eighteen entrants from an over-subscribed entry gathered at Hunstanton on Saturday the 30th June for this year’s ‘B’ Level Qualifying (GC) Tournament. Split into groups of three blocks of six, with the block winners, plus the best runner-up proceeding through to a semi-final knock out.

The group winners and best runner-up were Jane Tewson, Henry Hobbs, John Mariner and David Boxell.
The first semi-final, contested between John Mariner and Henry Hobbs, with Henry winning 7-2. Whilst in the second match David Boxell overcame Jane Tewson 7-6.

The final was a very close match. Henry after some very determined play ran out the overall winner against David 7-6. Whilst in the 3rd/4th place match Jane overcame John 7-4.

Final Result.
1st: Henry Hobbs – Enfield
2nd: David Boxell – Hunstanton
3rd: Jane Tewson – Long Eaton
4th: John Mariner – Chelmsford

One handicap change – Peter Dennis 5 to 6.

Managed by David Thirtle-Watts

EACF GC B-Level League – Hunstanton  3 v 4 Ipswich

A closely fought fixture saw Ipswich take a 2-1 lead in the morning, winning the doubles match and one of the singles matches.  After lunch the singles matches were level at 2 each.  This resulted in a 3-4 win for Ipswich making their long journey very rewarding.  With play completed a post match tea enjoyed by everyone.  Detailed results will be reported to the EACF in due course.

Treasurer 17/06/2018

GC Champions Singles Level Play – Thursday 14 June 2018

Won by David Thirtle-Watts who will be Hunstanton’s Level Play representative at next year’s EACF GC Champions Day.  We were blessed with a mix of strong winds followed by sunshine. 13 competitors played in 2 ceded blocks with the top two players from each block going through to the semi-finals. Block A was closely contested with three players on 4 wins each. John Reddish lost out on nett hoops. In Block B there were two players on 4 wins. However, due to prior commitments Bryan Saddington withdrew. His place was taken by promoting the David Boxell to a semi-final spot. There were no handicap changes. However, special mention should go to Janet Kendal who managed a thrilling 7/6 victory over the eventual winner.

The semi-finals were decided as follows:
A1 v B2 Colin MacDonald 4 v 7 David Boxell
B1 v A2 David Thirtle-Watts 7 v 4 Noel Gill
This resulted in a final won by David Thirtle-Watts beating David Boxell 7/4.

The Block results are provided below:


Code Player Wins For Against Nett Position
A1 Colin McDonald (2) 4 28 14 14 1st
A3 Noel Gill (4) 4 30 19 11 2nd
A2 John Reddish (3) 4 27 22 5 3rd
A7 Christine Thirtle-Watts (10) 3 23 23 0 4th
A5 Pat Dawson (7) 3 25 27 -2 5th
A4 Roy Donner (6) 1 17 28 -11 6th
A6 Susan Boxell (10) 1 16 28 -12 7th
A8 Sit Out (10) 0 0 5 -5 8th
B1 David Thirtle-Watts (1) 4 32 16 16 1st
B3 Bryan Saddington (5) 4 31 22 9 2nd
B4 David Boxell (6) 3 28 22 6 3rd
B2 Pauline Donner (3) 2 24 26 -2 4th
B6 Janet Kendal (10) 2 25 31 -6 5th
B5 Ian Wilson (12) 0 12 35 -23 6th

Our thanks to all the helpers and supporters, for what turned out to be an enjoyable day’s croquet.

David Boxell, Manager



CA AC Over Fifties Weekend – 8-10 June 2018

In a close finish which could of gone one of three ways James Allcock (Crake Valley) ran out the eventual winner of the Hunstanton’s Annual three day Handicap Tournament (The Jane Neville-Rolfe Salver) staged on the 8th – 10th June 2018. Attracting sixteen entries of mixed abilities the tournament was conducted using the Hands-Irwin Egyptian Format.

Weather wise the weather for the first two days proved disappointingly cold with a typical North Sea northerly wind although thankfully dry. However, play was keen and despite an early promising start by last years winner Barry Pilgrim (Bodham) he never really succeed in drawing clear of the pack being hotly pursued by Jonathan Toye (Downham Mkt) and James Allcock. The second day proved just as close with Ken Anderton (Bury) ending the day in the lead closely pursued by Paul Hethrington (Peterborough), Veronica Carlisle (Hurlingham) plus Barry Pilgrim and James Allcock.

On the last day the Sun Gods smiled on Hunstanton at last and although bright and sunny all day that famous north wind still stayed with us but did not detract that summer seemed to have arrived at last. The morning play really started to sort out the wheat from the chaff and as we moved into the last afternoon session it was clear that the tournament could go one of three ways, with the trophy going to either Paul Hethrington, James Allcock or Veronica Carlisle depending on who beat whom. If Paul beat James than he would be the winner outright. However, providing James won and Veronica was also successful in her game over Ken Anderton than the Manager would have a two way tie to deal with. However, that scenario proved a non starter when Ken managed to see off Veronica, whilst in the other game despite suffering a gastric complaint and despite a valiant effort Paul eventually succumbed to James during the last turn.

Results: James Allcock – 137 Rating Points          Handicap Changes: Barry Pilgrim 8 – 7
Ken Anderton – 130       ”                                                               Paul Hethrington 4.5 – 4
Paul Hethrington – 122       ”                                                               James Allcock 6 – 5
Hugh Carlisle – 122       ”

Terrey Sparks
Tournament Manager
Photo – David Thirtle-Watts

EACF GC B-Level: Chelmsford 5.5 v Hunstanton 1.5

Chelmsford fielded a strong team with 3 players on GC HC’s of 3 and 1 on a GC HC of 4.  They expertly maximised home advantage with an intricate knowledge of their own lawns.  Our team enjoyed warm hospitality and a challenging day’s croquet in the sunshine.  We won one of the morning’s singles matches (best of three 13 point games) and shared another in the afternoon, when the overall result could not be affected.  A full report is available on Chelmsford’s website

Treasurer 09/06/2018

CA GC Inter-Club Knock-out: Hunstanton 3 v Letchworth 4

Congratulations to Letchworth, who proceed to the Quarter Finals.  The fixture was won by Letchworth by 4 matches to 3.  The matches were best of three 13 point games, with some close run score lines.  Hunstanton won the doubles and two of the singles matches.  Most of the games were closely contested.  Better luck next time!

Treasurer 05/06/2018

EACF – Wheeler Shield – hosted by Hunstanton on 2 June 2018

Won by Cambridgeshire

Left to right: Robert Keen, Colin Carr, Terrey Sparks (Captain) & Peter Ross

A revised format was played this year as only 4 of the usual 6 counties represented.  Details are available on the EACF website at .  The day started in rain and became dry later.  There was plenty of very competitive play from the teams from Bedfordshire, Cambridge, Essex & Norfolk battling it out over 3 rounds of doubles, 3 rounds of singles, and then a gold medal round of 2 pairs of doubles for the top three teams.  The event was managed by Terrey Sparks, EACF.

A summary of the results is provided below:

Code County R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 R1-6
WINS POINTS Rank Position
B BEDFORDSHIRE 1 0 2 2 1 1 7 0 7 7 4 4th
C CAMBRIDGESHIRE 1 2 2 2 1 4 12 2 14 18 1 1st
E ESSEX 1 2 0 2 3 0 8 1 9 11 2 2nd
N NORFOLK 1 0 0 2 3 3 9 0 9 9 3 3rd

Treasurer 31/05/2018

New weekly activities at Hunstanton Croquet Club

Tuesday afternoons have seen the introduction of Drills & Skills for small groups of players with some 1:1 advice.

Thursday afternoons are developing into a Squad Session for those players who want to represent the club in CA, EACF and other competitions.

Friday afternoons from 1 June 2018 will see the start of the 2018 GC handicap ladder, details on the club noticeboard.

For further details on all of these activities please contact Noel Gill, Secretary, Hunstanton Croquet Club


CA GC A-Level Tournament^ 26-27 May 2018


The Salver was won by Richard Bilton and the Plate by Keith Pound  (Photos by David Thirtle-Watts)

16 players were welcomed to this inaugural 2 day event by David Thirtle-Watts, Chairman of Hunstanton CC.  The first day was run in 2 blocks of 8 with All-Play-All.  The top four in each block qualifying for the Main event, the others contesting a round-robin for the Plate.  All games were played without time limits. Martin French acted as Tournament Referee and Richard Bilton volunteered to run Croquet Scores. We are indebted to both of them and also to all the Club Members who supported the event.

The Main event was decided through a series of best of 3 * 13 point games through Quarter, Semi-Finals & a Final with Play-offs for the other places. Richard Bilton prevailed in straight sets.

The Plate event was decided after 5 rounds of 13 point games. The 6th and 7th rounds were not played with the agreement of the players. Keith Pound produced a clean sheet with 5 wins out of the 5 rounds played.

Detailed results can be seen on croquetscores: .  We are grateful to Richard Bilton for updating the scores round by round.

David Boxell

Tournament Manager 27/05/2018

CA GC Grass Roots Qualifier at Hunstanton CC won by Susan Debenham on 24 May 2018

The Grass Roots contenders

Presentation to the 2018 Winner – Susan Debenham

Susan Debenham won the Hunstanton round of the CA’s GC Grass Roots Level Play Tournament held on Thursday 24 May 2018.  The day started overcast and was relieved by sunny spells, but with a cold wind.  There were 8 entrants and play was organised in 7 rounds of 13 point games on an All Play All basis.  During the third round one of the players withdrew from the tournament.  After seeking advice from the CA’s Grass Roots Manager, those games already played were excluded from the calculation of the overall results.

The final position was as follows:

Position Player Wins Nett Hoops Notes
1st SUSAN DEBENHAM (8) 5 +12 H/C Change from 8 to 7
2nd ROS ETHERIDGE (11) 5 +8
3rd JANET CARPENTER (9) 4 +3
5th GWENDA MACKENZIE (12) 2 -5
6th SUSAN BOXELL (10) 2 -8
7th JANET KENDAL (12) 0 -16
8th ANNE GILL (14) N/A N/A Withdrew

Our congratulations to everyone for a good day’s play.  Bath awaits the winner on Sunday 9th September 2018 for the National Final.  Best wishes to Susan Debenham and hopefully also to Ros Etheridge.

Allocations issued for forthcoming CA Fixtures at Hunstanton:

GC – Golf Croquet A-Level Tournament^ – 26-27 May 2018

AC – Over Fifties’ Weekend – 8-10 June 2018

GC – Golf Croquet B-Level Tournament# – 30 June 2018

GC – Golf Croquet C-Level Tournament~ – 1 July 2018

See The CA’s Website for more information on CA Fixtures at Hunstanton Croquet Club:

Treasurer 12/05/2018

New Member’s Information Pack

The “New Member’s Information Pack” is available for viewing and/or download from the Rules and Bye-Laws page or by following the link below (you may need to right mouse click and select an option as appropriate to your needs):

6 New Members Information (Issue 1) 30-04-2018

Launched May 2018

The Robert Prichard Weekend 5-7 May 2018

25 players enjoyed 3 days play in glorious sunshine.

The winner was Ian Lines.  Results are available at croquet scores:

A report will be available on the CA Website.

Picture 1 – The 2018 Winner – Ian Lines


Picture 2 – Homage to the Lawns


Information Sharing Agreement between the Croquet Association and its Member Clubs

This document, which relates to the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), can be viewed at:



a copy will also be displayed on the Club’s Noticeboard.

This relates to the Data Sharing Agreements, which Existing and New Members have been required to complete.  These were on the reverse of the Membership Forms for 2018 .  This system will continue for each annual renewal, to ensure that we hold the correct contact details for each of you.  If any of your personal details change during the course of the year, please inform so that club and CA records can be kept up-to-date.  Handicap changes are normally notified to the club and the CA as part of the Competition / Tournament reporting system.  As Members of the CA you can view your details by going to the CA’s website using the following link:

Some of you will already have received copies of the Croquet Gazette.  A few of you will have had e-mail’s from the CA concerning handicap changes, these have now been dealt with.  They arose from a review of GC handicaps undertaken by the Club Chairman, and in a couple of cases from participation in CA Tournaments (AC) & (GC).

Treasurer HCC 05/05/2018

EACF AC Champions Day – Hosted by Hunstanton Croquet Club on Sunday 29th April 2018

This annual association croquet (AC) event was run in three blocks A, B & C for Level, Advanced & Handicap play for 2017 club champions.   For the results please see the EACF website or follow his link:

Treasurer HCC for Secretary EACF 05/05/2018

Internal AC Competitions 2018 – Revised Dates

The Albert and Butlin matches will be played on the following Saturdays:
19 May 2018, 23 June 2018, 28 July 2018 & 18 August 2018.
2 Lawns will be required on each of these days.

Request from Bryan Saddington on 25/04/2018


During the closed season a team of dedicated Club Members have been involved in a number of improvements in the Clubhouse and to the areas around the lawns.

The pictures below illustrate the work in progress

(1)  Installing 37 sleepers, following the removal of the rotten retaining boards around lawns 4 & 5.

(2)  Extension to the pavement on Lawn 1.

(3)  Retaining and Stop boards following painting.

We are getting closer to opening the Club for season 2018. The lawns have been cut and marked out, but YOUR help is still required on Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th of March in preparing the Clubhouse, along with setting the hoops.  We will be starting from 9.30am, so please join us and stay for as long as you can.

For more information please contact a Committee Member.

Chairman 17th March 2018

Please click here to see the latest version of club byelaws

The CA Membership Database as at 28/02/2018

As of the CA’s deadline of 28/02/2018, 57 Members had renewed their Membership of the Hunstanton Croquet Club and their details have been passed to the CA, so that they might receive personal copies of The CA Gazette in April 2018.  I should be grateful if any Members who wish to renew their Membership would do so before 31/03/2018.

Treasurer 01/03/2018.

The following message was received from the CA

“Further to your work uploading your club’s data to the CA website, I can now inform you that it has all been processed and imported into the CA Membership database.  It will take about one working day for the changes to cycle through so that your members can log into the website and access the directory and enter tournaments online. You might like to inform them when this has happened, and point them to the welcome page

Please note that directory access specific to fellow club members is a feature that is not yet available, so if one or more of your members has said they wish to be visible to club members but not the wider CA membership, then for the moment their details will not be available to fellow club members. We hope to implement this feature in the coming months.

If you need to amend or add to the details you have provided, don’t forget you can upload a replacement file at any time, and this will supersede the information you have currently provided.

Many thanks for your help with this process.

The Croquet Association
28/02/2018 22:57″

Hunstanton Croquet Club – Coffee Morning


Wednesday 7th March 2018
10-30am – 12-30pm
Venue: Norfolk Lavender Coffee Shop

It’s damp and cold outside, and the sales have finished so how about a coffee?
Please join us for a coffee and chat with croquet friends, your sure of a warm welcome.

The committee look foreword to seeing you.

Pat Dawson

HCC Committee Member, 03/02/2018 updated 10/02/2018

Membership Renewal 2018 and offer of CA Standard Membership

The Croquet Association would like to be able to provide, those of you who take up the offer of CA Standard Membership with, your first copies of The Croquet Gazette in April.  However, this requires that we send the Club’s 2018 Membership details by the end of February.  This is to assist with their distribution schedule.  To achieve this we should be grateful if you would complete and return your Hunstanton Croquet Club, 2018 Membership Renewal forms (both sides Membership and CA Data Sharing Agreement) to the Treasurer, HCC asap to allow processing and submission of up-to-date Membership information to the CA.  To the 40 of you who have already done so – Thank you.  To the rest of you, your assistance would be appreciated.

Treasurer, HCC 02/02/2018

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