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Messages from Chairman & President – 30/04/2020

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Update from Treasurer – 15/05/2020

Frequently Asked Questions – Updated 15/05/2020

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Messages from Chairman and President as at 30/04/2020

Chairman’s Message

Dear Members

I hope you are well and managing to stay clear of the Coronavirus.  I also trust that you are all coping with the current restrictions.  If anyone has problems we could help with, please contact me or any members of the committee.

It is with great sorrow that I have to inform you that for the health and safety of us all, the committee has decided that the club will remain closed for the whole of the 2020 season.  We will hope to re-open in 2021 for a full year’s events.  Until then stay safe.  Best wishes

Janet Kendal, Chairman, Hunstanton Croquet Club

President’s Message

Dear Members

I would like to extend my thanks to Janet and her team for conducting such a well considered survey on members wishes for this playing year. There was a clear decision by the committee in favour of cancelling all play for 2020 and as President, I fully support this. Much as we all miss our game, and the tremendous social side of playing, the virus is more important than this.

I am confident that we will emerge from this valuing the simple pleasures more and really appreciating our wonderful sport and all that goes with it.  In the meantime, I would urge you to consider donating your membership and tournament fees to help the Club through this difficult time.  Let me wish you, your families and loved ones my best wishes for staying safe and well.

Simon Carter, President, Hunstanton Croquet Club

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Link to the CA’s croquet related entertainment: Press release – Lockdown Croquet (final)
Treasurer 15/05/2020

Update from Treasurer

We have now completed the exercise to contact Members and Players and arrange the adjustment of subscriptions for 2020 to the Social Non-Playing Membership rate (to keep everyone on the books).  We have also refunded tournament entry fees either directly or via the CA’s Tournament Entry System.  Thank you for your donations and messages of support.  We are continuing to monitor the COVID-19 guidance issued by the Government and the CA.  Thank you for your understanding and continued support during this unprecedented time.

Treasurer 15/05/2020 updated 01/06/2020 & 01/07/2020.

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – Last updated 01/07/2020

Question Answer
Are subscriptions still payable for 2020? Yes – Subscriptions should continue to be paid at the Social Non-Playing Membership rate so as to keep everyone on the books.
Will the 100 Club continue to run? Yes – The Hundred Club will be run remotely. The third draw was made at the end of June 2020.  If you want tickets, please contact Janet Kendal.
What should I do with trophies? RetainPlease keep trophies until they can be returned to the club, either when the tournament is next played or when the club re-opens.  This will help to save unnecessary travel and other risks.
Will Hunstanton be participating in any CA or EACF inter-club leagues in 2020? No – We have withdrawn Hunstanton’s teams for 2020, but hope to resume these matches in 2021.
What will happen to CA and Club tournaments for the rest of the year? CA Tournaments and Club Competitions have been cancelled and entry fees have been refunded.


Message from Chairman – Roy Donner

It is with sadness that we have to inform you that Roy Donner passed away on 28th May.  He was a far country member so couldn’t attend many club afternoons, but played at his local club in Woodhall Spa.  Roy successfully entered our internal competitions and tournaments and was a member of our league team.  Roy and Pauline enjoyed our club social events and often stayed on for a meal before returning to Horncastle.  We will miss his happy smile and the twinkle in his eye.  Our thoughts and condolences go out to Pauline.

Janet Kendal 30/05/2020

Message from Treasurer – Ron Coggins

It is with sadness that we have to inform you that Ron Coggins died on 13th June.  He was a keen member who took up croquet late in life.  He made many friends and will be sadly missed for his enthusiastic play, kind words and generous spirit.  Our thoughts and condolences are with his family.

David Boxell 14/06/2020

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