Hunstanton (GC) Green Shutters Unrestricted Handicaps, 30th June 2022

Ranging in handicaps from 1 – 12 this year attracted 8 participants. Split into two groups of 4, the first round was played as a Cross – Block and the top two of each block proceeded into a round of Semi – finals leading to a final round. The bottom two of each block continued to play for a subsidiary prize.

Taking into account the gap in handicaps, it was surprising to see the two lowest handicaps Derek Cole (2) and Terrey Sparks (1), winning through to the semi- final rounds despite the number of free turns conceded, but play was keen and competitive with no quarter given. The other two qualifiers were Colin Spencer (6) and Roger Platt (8).

In the final round (which consisted of Roger Platt and Terrey Sparks), Roger found some hidden strength and his form improved considerably. He made better use of his free turns – managing to increase his hoop score early in the match which Terrey was unable to counteract. Roger was the deserved winner 7 – 2.

In the Subsidiary Play – Off Final between Janet Kendal and Gary Lewis, play was much closer, ending with a 13th hoop which Janet won in fine style with a magnificent final shot to clinch the match.

Overall, despite the low take up of entries, a successful and enjoyable day in which several of the high Handicappers were heard to express how much the tactical experience had been beneficial to their play.

Thank you as always for the help given in setting hoops, lawns and providing refreshments.

Terrey Sparks

Hunstanton C – Level (7+) Series (GC) Tournament – 26th June 2022

Held on the day following the B- Level, again the entries were below previous years and substantially down – only attracting 8 players. However, not to be discouraged the Manager decided to run it as 2 blocks of 4 in which they crossed-blocked play to increase the number of games. Also, to take into account the fast lawns and relatively higher level of handicaps to impose a one-hour time limit on all the games. Surprisingly, only one game went to time which reflected the relatively high standard of play.

As on the previous day the weather was very dry and sunny and play was at times made difficult due to the very high gusting SW winds.

After the completion of the cross-block play the format changed into a quarter- final knock-out in which Tim Barzycki beat. Grenville Perry 7 -6, Roger Platt beat. Gary Lewis 7 – 2, Ken Knock beat. Jean Faulkner 7 – 3 and Colin Spencer beat. Susan Boxell 7 -6.

The two semi-final rounds also proved very close with Ken winning against Tim, and Colin winning his game against Roger with the same scores 7 – 2.

However, the final round proved to be a  quick affair in which Ken did not rise up to his previous level of play and succumbed to Colin 7 -1.

Winner: Colin Spencer (Downham Mkt.), R/U: Ken Knock (Pinchbeck), 3rd Roger Platt (Downham Mkt.), 4th Tim Barzycki (Pinchbeck).

Terrey Sparks


Hunstanton B – Level Series (+3) (GC) Tournament, 25th June 2022

Eleven Players from several clubs entered this year’s tournament – down  on numbers from previous years but strangely all the entrants fell within the handicap range of between 5 – 6 which led to some very close games and a high percentage closely finished on the 13th hoop.

The weather was bright and sunny and despite a gusty SW wind which made play difficult at times it was still very pleasant. However, due to a prolonged dry spell the lawns were dry and very fast which led to slow and on occasions difficult to play resulting in a late evening finish.

Played using the two-block system each player completed five games each in the first round after which the two highest placed met in a semi-final round play-off. These being Pauline Donner v Steve Tarrant and Martyn Palmer v Paul Williams.  Pauline and Martin won – both games ending 7 – 2. The scores did not reflect the closeness of the games.

The final game between Pauline and Martyn proved to be very different and very close. Home club member Pauline just won through with a score of 7 – 6 which could have gone either way. A very fiercely hard – fought tournament.

Winner: Pauline Donner (Hunstanton), R/U: Martyn Palmer (Northampton), 3rd Steve Tarrant (Norwich), 4th Paul Williams (Leicester).

Terrey Sparks


Club Golf Singles Competition Thursday 9th June

Eight senior players took part in the Club Singles competition on 9 June. Split into two groups followed by a short knock out , all played 5 matches before the best 4 took part in the semi finals, with the victors Terrey Sparks and Derek Cole duelling in a hard fought final before Derek edged through the final hoop for a well deserved victory.

The sun shone ( most of the time), all the matches were played in good spirit and a nice day was had by all.

Gary Lewis


Janet Kendal presenting the trophy to Derek Cole                         Pauline, Gary, Janet, Terrey, Derek, Ruth, John

Over 50s 3 day AC Tournament 3-5th June 2022

A full entry of twenty gathered for this sociable tournament on Hunstanton’s five wonderful lawns, managed in inimitable style by Celia Pearce. This event is always a coming together of friends old and new. It attracts locals and visitors from afar, keen to sample the resort’s own very special flavour. One such was the eventual winner, after a thrilling double encounter in the last two games which determined who would take away the splendid Jane Neville-Rolfe salver which holds names dating back to 1988.

 The scoring of the tournament is run on the Hands-Irwin Egyptian system which basically means that everyone begins with 100 points and increases their tally with wins and vice versa for losses. If you beat someone with a higher tally you accrue more points so you never really know for sure who will be the victor until the final stroke has been played.

 In those two closing games, John Henderson was playing Gordon Mills and Charles Ostler was battling Bob Thompson. Two of the four could win the tournament depending on who beat whom. In the event Bob beat Charles and John beat Gordon ( in a very close, two point finish) meaning that Bob was runner up with 144 points and John Henderson, with 146 points, took the salver home to Penrith.

 We give thanks for these events to all those people behind the scenes, without whom nothing would be possible. Peter, who set out the hoops every morning, Ellie for keeping everyone fed and watered all weekend, Noelene for her delicious cheese scones and Janet for drawing it together and making us feel so welcome.

 Jonathan Toye

Charles in action

Janet Kendal presenting the salver to John Henderson

Handicap Calculator

Brian Waiman of Plymouth Croquet Club has developed a simple to use website which calculates the number of bisques / extra strokes / change in index for all GC/AC/Short/1 Ball games and their variations. 

It allows the user to select all the different game lengths (GC: 7pt, 13pt & 19pt. AC: 14pt, 18pt, 22pt & 26pt), singles/doubles (Yes, it even calculates the extra strokes for GC Doubles) as well as handicap/level (Yes, it calculates the change in index for level games), different court sizes and other variations like GC Advantage 2022 and AC York Variable Base and a ‘User select bisque base’ for AC games. It goes from ‘0 – Full bisque’ to a base of 10. It works with singles/doubles, 26/22/18/14 pt games and smaller courts.

The idea is that any player can use the website (on their smartphone) just before they start their game to get the right bisques / extra strokes without the need for all the tables / rules in the law books.

It doesn’t need any instructions to use, but just select the type of Croquet first (AC/GC etc) as this resets the handicap ranges, select the players’ handicaps, and then press calculate to get your answer.

The website address is

Brian would love feedback via email from players and is happy to add other popular variations if required:

Grass Roots 8+ Level Play Thursday 19th May

On a sunny day with a chill to the wind the internal Grass Roots 8+ handicap level play took place with 7 contestants with handicaps ranging between 9 – 14 on three lawns that were running exceedingly well.

Unfortunately, because of the odd number block play was not possible so the Tournament Manager had devised an all play all format of 7 rounds which meant one player had to sit out for each game.

 Play went well up to the lunch break with Roger Platt and Gren Perry leading the field. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond his control, Glen had to withdraw from the tournament and all his games played were deleted.

After some quick reallocation of games by the manager, play resumed and Roger Platt became uncatchable; he won all his games to take the trophy resulting in a handicap deduction to 8.

Three players:- Janet Kendal, Gary and Ellie Lewis all won 3 games each for second place. Ellie also had a handicap drop to 12. 

A very pleasant, day enjoyed by all.

Terrey Sparks

Our thanks to Terrey for managing the tournament and to all those who helped behind the scenes.

Gary Lewis, Susan Boxell, Roger Platt, Janet Kendal, Hazel Denslow, Ellie Lewis


C.A. (GC) Open Series Tournament 14th/15th May 2022

The weekend saw the Club host the first National GC Tournament of the year which attracted entries totalling fourteen in number. These were split into blocks of seven who played the first-round cross – blocking with the top four of each block proceeding to a quarter, semi and final round. The remaining six players competed in a subsidiary plate event which was all play all.

The weather remained reasonably fine with the rain holding off until everybody was on the way home and the play was of a high standard with the overall winner being Richard Bilton of the Gainsborough Club, who incidentally who was the youngest competitor. The plate winner was Paul Durkin of the Ashby Club. Debbie lines of Peterborough lifted the Runner Up subsidiary prize.

Main talking point of the tournament was the superb two hoop break in the final through 5 and 6 by Richard which caused many eyes to check that the centre peg was correctly set, which of course it was.

With regards to local members David Boxell played well off a 4 handicap, winning a place in the last eight playing in the Quarter Final where his luck ran out. But nevertheless an outstanding performance.

Thanks to the ladies who provided the refreshments and cakes which were most appreciated and it can be said everybody went home in a good mood.

Terrey Sparks


Paul Durkin, Richard Bilton and Debbie Lines

Robert Prichard May Bank Holiday Tournament

The May Bank Holiday saw the resumption, post Covid, of the annual Robert Prichard AC competition. All five lawns saw action as a strong field of 20 competed over 3 days of fierce competition played in good weather. Again, thanks to Ellie and her team for the catering and all the behind the scenes work done by volunteers before and after each day’s play.
The eventual winner was Mark Avery, pushed hard by runner-up, Sam Murray. (Mark has been playing at the top level for close to 40 years, representing his country in four MacRobertson Shields, winning three of them. Mark won the President Cup in 2021, and has been selected for the fifth time to represent England / GB in the MacRobertson Shield, in 2022)

Mark Avery Holding the Fermoy Cup (Robert Prichard AC )

Super ‘Come and Try’ day, Saturday 23rd April 2022

Despite the cold wind, 25 new players took advantage of our free, ‘Croquet, Cake and Chat’ Come and Try Day. Hope you all enjoyed it!   Good to see some of you on subsequent club afternoons.

Thank you to Helen for taking the pics (see more on our facebook page) and to committee members and club members for giving their time before and on the day.

See more pics on Hunstanton Croquet club facebook page. 

Preparing to open – Work party, 19th March 2022.

Thursday 17th February  Work Party

Many, many thanks to the dedicated, hardy souls who braved the bitter cold to work so hard last week . There is still lots to do so if you can spare an hour or two please join us, there will be further opportunities to help between now and reopening.


Feb 10th 2022

Coffee Morning Wednesday 23rd Feb ☕☕☕☕☕

All members – old, new and prospective – are welcome to join us at Norfolk Lavender from 10:00 on Wednesday, 23rd February. See you there! (Thank you to the eagle-eyed Pauline who spotted my earlier mistake!)

Lovely new sign!

Happy New Year

Please note that a link to the entry form for the Invitation weekend (30/31 July 2022) is now available on the Tournaments’ page.

We now have a facebook and an Instagram page – if you have a fb account just search Hunstanton Croquet Club. At the moment they are quite empty, but as the season progresses we shall be adding more information/reminders and pictures. Please share with friends and neighbours!

Lunch and Trophy Presentations October 2021

 The presentation lunch was enjoyed by 27members and guests. Many thanks to our President, Simon Carter, for attending and presenting the trophies and to Pat and Janet for their excellent organisation.